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ProHabits Research is dedicated to making living your values a habit

Morning Email

With ProHabits, you’ll be greeted with a daily email in the morning that introduces today’s task, a quick piece of inspiration in the form of a daily quote, followed by our simple ask “Can you commit?” From there, you’ve got everything you’ll need to complete the day’s activity.

Evening Email

At the end of the day, you’ll be prompted with your second daily email. This time, the ask is simple, “Did you do it?” ProHabits makes checking in easy, and without the need for a constant reminder. Simply report back on the progress you made, and that’s it!

Activities Completed

Within the ProHabits Dashboard, you’ll be able to get a quick glimpse into how you’re doing in the program. Activities Completed is as simple as that, here you will gain insight into how many total activities completed across all ProTracks.


This is where a little competition never hurt anybody. The ProHabits Dashboard displays your current streak, how many days you’ve completed activities consecutively. Higher the streak, higher the bragging rights. Get to it!


ProTracks are what make up the ProHabits platform. Each ProTrack has different daily activities tailored around a greater goal; whether it be focus, productivity, or otherwise. You will select, for example, ProTeamwork to work towards over the next 21 days, and your activities will be different than your water cool buddy who’s on ProFocus.


Your feed is similar to social network feeds and timelines; the ProHabits feed allows you to see how other people in your organization are using the platform, what ProTrack they’re starting or working on, and even the daily activities they’re committing to.


For users who are fueled by a little friendly competition, individuals can keep an eye on those holding those top spots from both a total activities standpoint and the top streakers of the organization. The more you look at it, the more motivated you’ll get.

Choose Time

Are you an early riser? Do you not leave the office until around 6? Or do you work throughout the day with a flexible schedule? Set your notification preferences to deliver your morning and evening ProHabits emails at times that work for you, not just the typical 9-5.


Love your ProFocus activity today? Favorite it! With the Favorites section, you can track the activities you’ve enjoyed the most across all ProTracks you’ve done all in one easy place. You’ll also see everything attached to that activity including the date you completed it, and the corresponding quote.


The activity is the essence of how ProHabits works. Without activities, there are no ProTracks, and without ProTracks, there is no program. The activity is the daily tasks we ask you to complete to better progress you forward in your ProTrack. The activities are simple, and usually don’t require large chunks of time, just a gentle push that has a larger impact than you may realize at first.

Images & Quotes

Along with your activity, you will receive an inspirational quote and a playful image to help guide your focus throughout the day. Quotes and images vary from ProTrack to ProTrack, so you’re sure to remain inspired from your first ProTrack selection to your tenth.


Love an activity? Wish it was a bit better? Or simply just didn’t care for it? Easy! Let us know. With the review feature, you can quickly leave a 1-5 star review on each activity that allows you to see what kind of activities you’re loving, and allows us to see room for improvement.

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