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New Front

Personal Growth at Work

Enterprise grade SaaS powered by Positive Psychology

We are what we repeatedly do

— Aristotle

How do you operationalize desired behaviors?

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  • Innovation


    Today’s Activity

    Do more with less

    Try working with fewer resources than usual today to enhance your creativity. See what you can produce with less time, steps, and resources.

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    Key Behavior Indicators

    more frequent innovation
  • Leadership


    Today’s Activity

    Earn your title as a leader

    The title of leader is earned on a daily basis. Spend a few moments today thinking about how you would act if you knew your leadership was on the line.

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    Key Behavior Indicators

    provided better feedback
  • Mindfulness


    Today’s Activity

    De-automate your habits

    Think about an ordinary daily task that you normally don’t pay attention to. Today, give this task your full attention by focusing on the present moment during the routine behavior.

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    Key Behavior Indicators

    increased frequency of focused work
  • Focus


    Today’s Activity

    Ask what’s most important

    Right now ask yourself: “What is the most important and best use of my time today?” Write down the answer and keep it with you all day as a reminder.

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    Key Behavior Indicators

    felt more focused
  • Gratitude


    Today’s Activity


    One of the best ways to cultivate positivity is to spread appreciation. Today write a short gratitude note to a team-member or someone in your organization. In a few sentences, tell them you appreciate them, and why. Send it.

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    Key Behavior Indicators

    would recommend ProHabits to coworkers


Digital tool designed for human development

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.

— Peter Drucker

Personal Impact

More confident in ability to focus

More frequent positive feedback

Greater frequency of focused work

Recommend ProHabits to coworkers

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Impacts We’ve Seen

  • $18k Reduced waste
  • +15% Net Promoter Scores
  • 87% Report more
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