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ProHabits Research Feedback

Consultant, Financial Services

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“These activities have been helpful to take a step back and work with a different perspective. We came up with new ideas and ended up solving a problem we’ve been having.”

HR manager, health consulting

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“It’s brought a lot of discussion amongst myself and my co-workers. It’s helpful to simply acknowledge that we may be stressed, or we are having a hard time focusing or being positive. Before ProHabits, we may not have been so open.”

Teacher, Middle school

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“I really really benefited from this program. I found myself practicing the skills on my own that I had previously been challenged to do.”

Manager, Testing industry

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“The messages that I receive each morning are like an hand on my shoulder saying, I'm taking care of you, listen to me and take a moment to think.."

Admin, Large franchise

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“This has taught me to take a step back and breathe and enjoy life, whether it be work life or home life!”

Caretaker, Non profit health

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“ProHabits had a tremendous impact on my life. In my personal life it helps me understand how important I am to myself in order to be the important person in my husband life and in my kids life.”

Salesperson, Construction industry

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“Techniques have been very helpful. I am in a constant state of "Chaos" with the amount of work responsibility I have, so advice on managing this was great.”

Chief Creative Officer, Gaming industry

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“ProHabits will be good going forward not just as a gamification platform but as a growth tool for me and the team.”
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