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      Prohabits, a digital behavior platform & virtual coach to teach, measure, and sustain new mindsets, behaviors and skills around leadership, innovation, sales, improved NPS, and customer service.

      Best Self @ Work

      We are all human and deserve to live our best-self at work.
      ProHabits provides leaders and employees daily micro-strategies to build high performing habits.

      Neurons that fire together wire together

      Rooted in positive psychology, neuroscience, human learning, behavioral science, and key habit change principles, it activates our limbic brain to perform our best.

      How it Works

      It starts with just a daily communication and a simple click

      Professional Perspective


        Behavior Data

        Behaviors being changed Daily usage by user Commitment to completion analysis

        Executive Report

        Total aggregate data Assessment analysis (before & after) Most engaged user data Awards & recognition Individual stories

        Organizational Insights

        Cultural leaders and innovators Pulse / progress assessment User feedback / application stories Intervention signals

      Turn abstract goals into actionable behaviors

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      Thrive Remotely

      For the leader inside all of us.

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