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    Power Home Remodeling - the number 1 millennial workplace

    Power Home Remodeling is a nationally respected exterior remodeling corporation dedicated to delivering the American dream. Always striving relentlessly towards improvement, Power utilized ProHabits for a month and was able to live their ambitious values while delivering on their service promises.

    Who is Power Home Remodeling?

    Power, as it’s known around the office, is an exterior remodeling company headquartered in Chester, Pennsylvania with locations throughout the country.

    Power’s team is over 1,850 strong, nationally. The average age of new hires at Power is approximately 23 with 90% of new recruits under the age of 35. This age demographic stems from Power’s value of hiring for life.

    Despite this young demographic at Power, there are a substantial number of veterans, as Power believes in harnessing the leadership and accountability they find among seasoned team members.

    Power has been ranked as one of the fastest growing companies for the past six years - as it strives to serve a wider community.

    What Power Does

    Power provides home remodelling services that think beyond the customer’s home, towards their dreams and happiness.

    Power synthesizes their excellence in remodeling with their dedication to the community. To practice their dedication, Power offered a dollar for every window they installed to Alexa - an organization for childhood cancer research.

    These contributions to their greater community demonstrates that service orientation is not just a motto at Power, but rather exemplifies how the organization is fundamentally structured to serve from the bottom up.

    Power’s culture at a glance

    To be better than yesterday.

    Power’s culture

    The engine of Power’s culture is service. To maintain their astounding 96% customer satisfaction rate, Power must constantly strive to uphold the best quality of service.

    Even at 96%, Power believes that they have room to improve their service. Never simply focusing on their accomplishments, Power is always looking towards improvement and growth. As Power says - they are “a relentless improvement company.”

    Power seeks to maximize happiness for its team. To facilitate this, Power endorses acts of gratitude. Each team member is encouraged to send a letter to a person who had a major impact on their professional life. Next, the team member is asked to keep a gratitude journal in which they write what they are grateful for every night. Power’s leadership encourages the team to not only keep a private account of what they are grateful for, but also to express it to those whom they feel grateful to. The resulting cycle of gratitude produces numerous opportunities for feelings of happiness and satisfaction.

    With the commitment Power shows to creating the best work environment possible, it’s no wonder that the company has time and again been featured among the best places for Millennials to work in the country.

    Power prides itself as a Fortune 1 Millennial company - providing a workplace that both caters to their professional desires while also providing professional security many millennials lack.

    Leadership Mindset

    While many companies bring their leadership in from the outside, Power believes in filling leadership roles from within. Power believes that leaders who know the company from the ground up will make better decisions and understand the challenges that their team face:

    Like the military, everyone at Power starts off in the same position... you’re going to learn the business from the ground up.

    — Asher Raphael


    All too often, managers are disconnected from the people they oversee - leading to a rift in the cohesiveness of the team. With leaders directing groups they have worked at every stage of, Power’s leadership is intimately intertwined with their team. Putting the leadership in a position to promote their team’s greatest potential.

    Personal Growth by the numbers

    In living their value of shattering expectations, Power demonstrated an interest and engagement with ProHabits that stood out from the pack. Without a push from their leadership, Power’s team showed their intrinsic drive to personal growth through their enthusiastic participation.

    What is ProHabits?

    Opportunities for daily personal growth delivered by email. Team members selected their area of personal growth from a list of ProTracks or curriculum that aligns individual habits with organizational values (see table below for Power’s chosen ProTracks).

    Power participated with ProHabits for 30 days and this is the story the numbers tell.

    This graph represents Power’s chosen tracks. Displaying their preference for ProFocus and Mindfulness.

    Discover your creative potential. Grow beyond the ordinary. Invent new approaches to common problems.
    ProMindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.
    ProFocus will promote your uninterrupted focus and help you conquer the myth of multitasking by teaching you how to design your environment, mindset, and schedule to ensure sustained focus when you need it the most.

    This graphic demonstrates the rate at which Power’s team completed their respective ProTracks. Those who committed to ProMindfuless displaying the highest rate of completion.

    Feedback from the front lines

    "I am really enjoying ProHabits. I copy my activity into my notes on my phone every morning. Once I complete the activity I go back to my notes and reflect on how I completed it and how it impacted my day"

    — Terersa Bell


    During Power’s first month with ProHabits we saw exceptionally high levels of participation and Track completion. Power demonstrated their unique values and lived them through daily activities.

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