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Scientel Pioneering Being
at work

To continue the progress garnered from their growth with ProHabits, Scientel has been forwarding a groundbreaking philosophy of work focused on Being rather than doing. This philosophy is rooted in the leadership’s understanding that the essence of a company, in the emerging marketplace, is not simply the product or service, but the people. The philosophy of Being is then manifested in bold new practices, such as the Visioning Exercise and the Johari Window, led by Trevor Belcher.

Who Is Scientel?

Scientel is a company that is ever geared toward the future. From its services to its internal practices, Scientel consistently demonstrates this forward-thinking vision. This pioneering tendency is not a product of circumstance or industry trends. Rather, Scientel’s purposeful initiatives are all strategically geared towards transcending the common and traditionally reactive business practices. The leadership extends this philosophy across their entire business model - understanding that people, not products or services, are what really distinguish a 21st century company. With this in mind, Scientel continues to advance its progressive position on the personal development of its team beyond their professional skill sets and qualifications.

The future of work

As material production and services become more systematized and automated, success will become less about the product itself and more about the people behind the work. As people become the most important factor, Scientel will continue to excel beyond other organizations with internal cultures that are based on outdated managerial mindsets. By the time other technology firms react to the new landscape, Scientel will have already celebrated its continued tenure as a progressive industry leader.

Scientel’s strategy seeks to get out ahead of these new challenges and take proactive measures that will ensure their success in the era to come. As Trevor Belcher aptly puts it, “there are any number of companies that can provide the services we can, but what distinguishes Scientel are the people.” In the emerging marketplace, it is more than what you do - it is who you are. At Scientel, delivering a service is as much about the quality of the craft as it is about celebrating the human being behind the work.

This understanding of the future of work is what inspires Scientel to engage in new development systems - like the Visioning Exercise, the Johari Window, and ProHabits daily activities.

Work and life

As technology has expanded into every corner of our lives, and at every moment we find ourselves connected to a global network, new opportunities have emerged - but also monumentous new challenges. Practices have emerged that encourage the development of holistic approaches to work that recognize individual aptitude while providing a platform to transcend into the best possible version of one’s self. This is in contrast to old modes of thinking which present work as simply a sacrifice where you do your drudgery and leave personal development for the weekend.

Work as drudgery was best suited for the time when the production of material goods was the principle concern. Today, with services comprising much of the economy, this mindset is no longer necessary nor rewarding.

Scientel’s workforce of the future

Get them started on a journey to understand that the value they give to the organization is not the things they do but who they are. The things they do are the consequence of who they are, but the true value is who they are.

— Trevor Belcher

This new work environment has inspiring implications -- especially for employees. Where once you had rigid career paths, with preordained steps along the way, now you have the opportunity continuously reimagine your career. As Trevor
tells us:

You will not be climbing a corporate ladder you will need to create and climb your own ladder.

— Trevor Belcher

This is why Scientel is actively preparing the team for the coming fourth industrial revolution through their progressive practices. Trevor describes how to instill the new way of thinking that is necessary to thrive in the new environment: “unlearn what to think and relearn how to think.”

Doing vs. Being

The doing philosophy of work is one that suggests work is somehow separate from your life -- that asks you to give your labor without concern for self-development -- so long as you produce. The present models of “Doing” and outdated philosophies of work are failing both leadership and employees in cultivating their best selves. Because of this they are also failing to actualize the full potential of the workplace.

When the focus remains on the doing of work, going to work is simply a transaction -- a place to focus on doing a few tasks for a paycheck -- all the while counting down the minutes before you can go home. This sort of “doing-focused” work often leads to disengagement and creates cynical employees ripe for burnout.

The work philosophy of Being is about aligning your professional and personal goals into a singular whole. It asks: “who do you want to become?”
With this model, you are called to become your best self -- working with all sides of your personality to become the best you can be. This means engaging your best talents and interests to work towards creating something larger than yourself.

A vision without a plan is just a dream. A plan without a vision is just drudgery. But a vision with a plan can change the world.

— old proverb


“Don’t pass the buck”

Listen to understand, not to reply

“Be an active listener to you customers and colleagues”

Don’t Solve Problems with Problems

“If you don’t have a solution, help to find one with them”

The visioning exercise

Among the mindful exercises utilized at Scientel for better self understanding is the visioning exercise. The visioning exercise involves writing your personal vision of yourself. First writing about who you are and then who you want to become. This means you contemplate your inward understanding of yourself, how it relates to your outer world, and what self-actualizing means for you personally. This contemplation asks that you consider your path toward self-actualization by first reflecting on a time when you felt empowered and enabled.

The process of contemplating who you are, rather than what you do, isn’t the norm at work. So, as could be expected, there is usually an initial confusion about the purpose of the practice and one’s first response to the activity usually involves “what they do”. This is a common step in the process, and through further guidance, individuals are able to alter their thinking towards “who they are” - towards being.

The exercise offers participants the opportunity to simultaneously grow in their self knowledge and leads to the development of greater interpersonal and self awareness.

The Scientel team experience

I really appreciate working for a company that is so interested in personal growth. It shows that scientel is dedicated to their employees not only in a corporate business way but also a personal way.

— Kevin Brunner

— Kevin Brunner