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    Announcing ProHabits Research


    We here at ProHabits are on a mission to prove the connection between personal growth and organizational success. Our research deploys positive psychology to introduce daily activities while forming long lasting professional habits in the workplace.

    At ProHabits, we believe that purpose inspires, values guide, and habits define. In other words, we believe that individuals and organizations are able to improve their day-to-day lives through the use and development of professional habits. Our research is based on findings from our founder’s Inc. column and our upcoming book, The Science of Story, which has culminated more than 1,000 interviews with thought leaders and top companies around the country on professional success.

    Through our research, we plan to test ProHabits in 50 companies by the end of 2017.

    ProHabits Research Basics

    • Companies select the ProHabits that fit their values
    • Users choose the ProHabit that fits their goals and complete 20 days of activities
    • 50-100 employees (including leadership) required per participating company
    • We are allowed to publish de-identified findings (aggregating across companies)
    • Results will help us evolve and improve our model

    The Planning

    In order to accurately track and measure the success of ProHabits within your organization, participants will be asked to complete pre-and-post surveys to measure their progress. Utilizing this data, we can accurately provide organizations with the tools and insights they need to understand the potential business impact that ProHabits can have.

    In addition, a key part of ProHabits and its success involves communicating the strategy and reasoning behind the program and supporting organizations in creating an environment that supports personal development. In doing so, we ensure active and engaged participation.

    The Process

    1. Select the ProHabits most aligned to your organization.
    2. Identify participants that will be invited. (Note, we don’t have login, all emails include magic links that take user directly to the dashboard. We will send invitations via our platform.)
    3. Users log on and pick their ProHabit.
    4. Participants will receive a daily morning email asking them to commit to the day’s unique task. People are more likely to follow through with actions if they first commit to them.
    5. Participants then receive an evening email allowing them to check-in regarding whether or not they completed the activity they committed to that morning.
    6. Companies involved will have all data aggregated, but we’ll ask permission to connect your company to a specific data set in order to illustrate and celebrate the profound impact. Terms & Conditions here for reference.

    What People Are Saying

    Pamela Stroko, Vice President HCM Transformation & Thought Leadership at Oracle, believes that ProHabits has the ability to significantly impact companies’ professional well being while also instilling a sense of professional success within participating individuals that has the ability to create a lasting impact both in and outside of work.

    ProHabits is also excited to announce our partnership with UL to help them develop operational excellence for their CRS business.

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