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for high performing workplaces

Inspiration without action is daydreaming

Leaders inspire with town halls, speakers, and workshops.

But what happens the day after?

Work gets crazy busy and we fall back on old routines.

MicroActions lead to macro changes

  • MicroActions are contagious behaviors that spread to create high-performing cultures.
  • Each MicroAction aligns intrinsically-rewarding personal growth with an organization’s goals and values.
  • The secret is their simplicity: Small, consistent actions are more reliable for long term change.
  • Simple daily wins power feelings of success, accomplishment, and progress.

Scientific, bite-sized, & engaging

The perfect blend of amusement, psychology, and organizational research.

Motivational messaging meets best practices to promote real-world actions that drive results.

MicroActions combine visual storytelling and inspiration with a proven behavioral commitment device.

Your knowledge to MicroActions

We create MicroActions based on your unique culture and needs.

Simply share your culture blueprint, your upcoming workshop, or the values your organization strives to live daily.

Our team of scientists sprints to design bite-sized, engaging, and impactful MicroActions.

User Feedback

I’d really like to say thank you for helping bring humanity back to our everyday lives.

I saw my activity for the day and said to myself, if I’m asking for my team to be out in the rain, I should be out there too. That day I made sure I was present with the operations and you could see my teams demeanor change

ProHabits is reminding me to take control of what I do have power to change and to be thankful of what I have. I am working on controlling the way I deliver a message with my tone and the things I can control and working so hard on being the best leader, dad, and person I can be in and out of work.

I am pleasantly reassured by the direction and advice given. The platform should and does remind us to look in the mirror on a daily basis to see who we are and what we represent.

ProHabits has been a positive experience for me. The ProHabits platform reinforces Leadership principles that I have learned from other managers over the years and have tried to emulate. Therefore, the “activities” have been a guide on how to stay consistent and engaged.

Engineered delivery system

No Logins. Ever.

One-click actions for crazy busy workplaces.

Rewarding experience


Evidence-based MicroActions

Case studies

  • 90Days
  • 750MicroActions
  • 110Supervisors
  • 230%Increase in nominations or improved supervisors

  • 12Months
  • 9,000MicroActions
  • 93%Enrollment
  • 15%Increase in NPS in first 30 days

  • 90Days
  • 2,493MicroActions
  • 221Managers
  • 82.14%Completion rate on MicroActions

  • 6Months
  • 6,000MicroActions
  • 130Leaders
  • 93%Completion rate

MicroActions for high

Too busy now? When will that change?

Experience It